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Aw, how cute she is. My eyes were almost tearing when I first saw this video when Maria was chatting with Lady Gaga over the phone. Seeing that Lady Gaga talking to her so sweetly made me smile and touched me. Maria is such a lucky and happy girl.

– Do you want to ask me something darling?
– Where did you get your outfit?

I wonder if it is Maria’s mother who is filming her daughter with the phone in the background. Anyways, she looks funny. It will be cool to see Maria coming on stage singing Born This Way with Lady Gaga on March. Geez, I have been watching other videos of her and I starts to love her cover of Just The Way You Are.

Hold on, I just remember something. Where is Willow Smith? She must be really jealous right now. As I remember Willow also wanted to do a duet with Lady GaGa.


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