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My brother came home from Czech Republic the other day and brought me some gifts. The favorite one was a gift box, 15 x 15 x 15 cm, with Confetteria Raffaello! Confetteria Raffaello is a sweet manufactured by Italian company Ferrero SpA. It consists of an almond surrounded by a soft cream, wrapped in a coconut wafer shell and coated in coconut.

I didn’t know that he knows that I love Ferrero sweets. I have to admit and confirm that my brother is a stalker! He must have been listen to me and Stephanie when we are talking on Skype. I have told Stephanie to buy this confectionery at the TAXFree in weeks but she’s always busy. With a memory of a goldfish she used to forget it as well. Anyway, I’m still waiting for a few kilos of these from Stephanie. I hope she’ll find all kinds of colors because I haven’t try them all yet. Must be more than 6 different colors.

Geez, must admit that I’m addicted to chocolate, especially Ferrero sweets. Last night I ate some pieces of Raffaello in this gift box until I fell into sleep. In the morning when I woke up, my mouth was full of chocolate and coconut flakes, and the all the plastic bags were spread all over the floor.

Confetteria Raffaello Gift Box

Gift Box with Confetteria Raffaello from my brother


Raffaello Sweet


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