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Hi everyone,

As the statics on my blog shows that the most viewed post is “How to make a Facebook Profile Header with the new Facebook profile upgrade!” I guess many of you want a profile header for your Facebook.

I discovered an application on Facebook that can do all the job for you. (Make sure that you have the new Facebook upgrade, if you don’t it wont work!) All what you need to do is uploading the picture you want to use. By  using the application you are able to resize or move your photo as you like to have it. How simple isn’t that?

Add this application to your Facebook by pressing here –> Profile Maker.

Create Facebook Profile Header With An Application

Creating a Facebook profile header with the Profile Maker application


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I guess many of you already know who they are. If not, check out their YouTube channel here and here.

Mike Tompkins a very talented cappella musician. I’ve been subscribing his channel since 6 months ago. His cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” shot to over 2 million views in under a month on YouTube.

Michelle Pham is a well-known makeup artist on YouTube with more than 1 million subscribers. She’s just so amazing and so cute! I love her tutorials even though I don’t wear any makeup. I hope you’ll enjoy her videos. And I’m pretty sure that her videos will inspire many of you who are wearing makeup.

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Alexander Tucker

Alexander Tucker

A frequently question that I’ve got is what products I’m using to style my hair. Firstly, I don’t even style my hair or comb it nowadays. It’s really cold outside and I need to wear caps anyway.

I don’t believe in expensive brands and I’m always trying to buy something cheap, really cheap. The products I’m using at the moment are (1) Proffs Maximum Strong Mousse and (2) various kind of hairspray. Since my hair is really thick, I usually use Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Spray.

The most important thing to achieve a great hairstyle is, besides the haircut, how you blow-dry your hair and what brush you are using, not the brand of the products. The video below shows how I use to blow-dry and comb my hair. Instead of TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste, I’m using Proffs. For maximum holding effect I always finished it with some hairspray.

Shockwaves & Proffs

Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Spray & Proffs Maximum Strong Mousse

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Let’s spice up your Facebook profile a little bit. The new upgrade of Facebook Profile allows you to make a more personal profile. I just figured out how to make a header to your Facebook profile so I decided to post this tutorial and show you how to do it!

Step 1) First, you have to upgrade and get the new Facebook profile. Visit someone who have it or my page -> here <-.

(Want to skip all these steps below? – Let the Profile Maker application do the job for you! Read more…)

Step 2) Choose a photo you want to have as a header on your Facebook profile. It should be the size of exactly 500 × 70 pixels.

My Facebook Profile Header

My Facebook Profile Header

Step 2) Crop the header photo into 5 small photos of the size of 100 x 70 pixels/each.

Step 3) Save your photos as header1, header2, header3, header4 , header5.


header1 (100x70)


header2 (100x70)


header3 (100x70)


header4 (100x70)


header5 (100x70)

Step 4) Upload them as your profile picture in reverse order header5, header4, header3

Step 5) Now you have two options but I recommend option #1.

Option #1: If you are allowing your friends to see photos you have been tagged in, you have to turn that feature off and make those photos private. (You can do it in your “Privacy Settings“)

Option #2: If you don’t want to turn off the feature that allows your friend see your tagged photos. You have to tag yourself in your 5 small photos in reverse order. Also header5, header4, header3… (If you choose this option your header will get destroyed once somebody tag you in a new photo.)

Step 6) Choose a picture of yourself as your profile picture. Your photos in your album of “Profile Pictures” should have the order as in the picture below. Also, newprofilepictureheader1header2,  header3… If it doesn’t, then you have to rearrange your photos.

Ablum of profile pictures

Album of Profile Pictures

Step 7) Finished! Your profile should look like the picture below when your friends are visiting your page.

Example of a Facebook Profile Header

Example of a Facebook Profile Header

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I also spent lots of time to change the theme on iTunes 10 to the normal one as it was on iTunes 8/9. Here’s some simple steps how to replace the icons etc.

Replacing the icon!

Step 1: Go to your “Applications” folder then select iTunes.
Step 2: Right click on “iTunes” then select “Show Package Contents”.
Step 3: Go under the “Resources” folder and make a copy of “iTunes.icns” on your desktop (for backup purposes).
Step 4: Replace it with the old iTunes icon, download from here.
Step 5:Restart iTunes, Done.

Replace iTunes 10 icon

Replace iTunes 10 icon

Change the vertical control button to normal!

I’m liking iTunes 10 but I’m a fan of the vertical control buttons, which some are calling ‘traffic lights’ since well, it resembles traffic lights. I do agree that it saves space but it breaks away from the standardized UI convention. Thankfully we can change back to the classic horizontal buttons without much effort.

If you want to get the classic horizontal close/minimize/maximize buttons back in iTunes 10, type the following into the Terminal and relaunch the iTunes app:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes full-window -1

You can also replace “-1” with “-0” if you prefer the vertical design.

Colorless iTunes!

The new icons in iTunes have a better shape but I don’t like them that much because they are all colorless. I just change it back. If you want to know how to do it, google for it now!

Colorless icons

Colorless icons in iTunes 10

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