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“Poppin’ bottoms in da club —
Gimme dat, gimme dat twink!
Gimme dat otter-bear!”

Have you watched the dirty version of “Like a G6” by Jonny McGovern & Calpernia yet? If you haven’t, then watch it on YouTube now (video is embedded below)! Listen to the lyrics! I can’t stop laughing! Help me, my tummy starts to hurts! Haha! It’s so hilarious! It’s so gay! Haha!

VARNING – This video contains strong language and material that is not suitable for children and homophobic person! If you want to see the uncensored version of this video, visit vimeo.com and search for it or press >> here <<.


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Have you ever whilst reading the news, wonder why Chris beat Rihanna? Watch the video clip below and you will get the answer! I promise you want be disappointed! 😉

…Well.. I didn’t. So give it a try!

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