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Christiano Ronaldo & Megan Fox

Christiano Ronaldo & Megan Fox

Early 2010 Armani replaced David and Victoria Beckham with other models for their underwear campaigns. Christiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox has also been selected as the new faces of the official worldwide advertising campaigns for Emporio Armani Underwear.

A couple of days ago I saw a teaser of Emporio Armani Underwear’s new commercial videos as Ethan posted it on his Facebook and I can’t wait for the full versions, which are going to be released tomorrow, September 15th. Hm, I wonder if Christiano is going to get the title “Golden Balls” as David Beckham did. *laugh*


Here’s the first sneak peek of Christiano Ronaldo in “Housekeeping” putting on his Armani Jean:

Megan Fox is in underwear, “wow”….. again (yawn). So what else is new, right? But anyway, the star’s latest ad for Armani will definitely get guys hearts racing. Check out the teaser of Megan Fox’s video “The Tip“:

It can be hard to see the face of the guy in Megan Fox’s video since the teaser is too short. But it’s Bryan McMullin!!! Many of you have probably seen his face in Avril Lavil’s music video “Girlfriend“, the typical high school cheerleader song. However, I can’t understand why Armani put him in Megan Fox’s video. They should replace the housekeeper in Ronaldo’s video with Bryan! Hehe, by the way, I’m regretting, sorry, never mind. 😉

For those who can’t get enough of Bryan. Here’s a pretty new video of him in undies, “Inferno“.

And of course, here is Avril’s music video. – I love this song!


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I also spent lots of time to change the theme on iTunes 10 to the normal one as it was on iTunes 8/9. Here’s some simple steps how to replace the icons etc.

Replacing the icon!

Step 1: Go to your “Applications” folder then select iTunes.
Step 2: Right click on “iTunes” then select “Show Package Contents”.
Step 3: Go under the “Resources” folder and make a copy of “iTunes.icns” on your desktop (for backup purposes).
Step 4: Replace it with the old iTunes icon, download from here.
Step 5:Restart iTunes, Done.

Replace iTunes 10 icon

Replace iTunes 10 icon

Change the vertical control button to normal!

I’m liking iTunes 10 but I’m a fan of the vertical control buttons, which some are calling ‘traffic lights’ since well, it resembles traffic lights. I do agree that it saves space but it breaks away from the standardized UI convention. Thankfully we can change back to the classic horizontal buttons without much effort.

If you want to get the classic horizontal close/minimize/maximize buttons back in iTunes 10, type the following into the Terminal and relaunch the iTunes app:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes full-window -1

You can also replace “-1” with “-0” if you prefer the vertical design.

Colorless iTunes!

The new icons in iTunes have a better shape but I don’t like them that much because they are all colorless. I just change it back. If you want to know how to do it, google for it now!

Colorless icons

Colorless icons in iTunes 10

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STOP IT! It’s enough! What’s wrong with Apple?!?!

I hate the new design of their products. Especially the iPod nano,  iPod shuffle and iTunes 10. The new generation of iPod nano look like the 3:rd one and the colors are so ugly! I love the old iPod shuffle, it was simple, neat and clean. I hate the new squarish look of it!

Ipod nano 5g

iPod nano 5:th generation

iPod nano 6g

iPod nano 6:th generation

iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle (old)

iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle (new)

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My blog is on!

Alright blog buddies, I just decided to start blogging again. So, check out for the updates!

Meanwhile, I just want to show you my favorite Chihuahua, Whiskey! She is about 12 weeks old and also know how to bark and jump on the stairs. Isn’t she cute? Thank you Trang for this photo of me and Whiskey!

Me & Whiskey

Me & Whiskey

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