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Alright! I’m back in Linköping! It has been a long day! First class seat on SJ from Eskilstuna to Linköping, which includes breakfast and other stuff (the first class ticket was cheaper than the second class). On my bus ride home I saw Martin Carlsson walking on the street so I gave him a call and we went out for dinner with his brother Josef. When I was about to head back to my apartment Martin gave me a frisbee as a gift before he moves to Norway. The frisbee was ordered and special made from the US! On the inside of it he wrote me “To my friend Tri from Martin! throw much =)



Frisbee from Martin


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Today I catched up with my lovely cousins, Zebastian (11 yo) and Wincent (16yo)! They are so sweet I love them heaps! Wincent is the one I found on YouTube and Zebastian is his little brother.

They wanted to watch some movies so we went to Rio, a cinema. It was really hard to decide what movie we should watch but we ended up with Brüno, which I really regret. Anal sex, swing party, BDSM, dildo fight, fisting and much more are some of the dirty things the movie offered. ” — What have I done? What happens if they to tell their mum what we have been watching when they are at home?” :O

Anyway, Wincent seems the like the movie while Zebastian was a bit scared of some scenes, poor child. haha, I don’t think he understood the joke.

I strongly recommend this movie, but to all the parents out there – Don’t watch this movie with your children!

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Have you ever whilst reading the news, wonder why Chris beat Rihanna? Watch the video clip below and you will get the answer! I promise you want be disappointed! 😉

…Well.. I didn’t. So give it a try!

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Yes, I’m still alive and I’m in Estkilstuna. I’ve ordered a new Visa card and my bank will probably send it to Linköping next week. My brother is going on a vacation tomorrow with his girlfriend so I’m  going to be alone in his apartment.

Btw, guess what I did yesterday? I randomly hit some videos on YouTube where a little boy shows how to get an anime hair style and doing come C-walk. Suddenly something popped up into my mind. Isn’t this boy my little Wincent? I read his profile and it stood “Wincent” as the owner of the videos! I found my cousin on the Internet! We haven’t been in touch for ages! He has grown up and he is so cute. I can’t wait to catch up him so I leave him a message on YouTube and told him to add me on MSN or Facebook. I hope he’ll get online soon.

Here is a cute video of him when he is doing his anime hair. Take a look!

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Omg, is this really Sweden? Are they dancing to MJ:s songs? :O Do Swedish people dance? Watch the youtube link below. The idea to start this thing is from a Swedish dance group, “Bounce”. Pretty cool hey, to see so many swedes dancing? I hope someone can do something like this when I die as well.

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500___px-train_wreck_at_montparnasse_1895I hate, I hate and I hate public transport! I missed three trains in a row, one yesterday and two today. I was riding on my bike like an idiot to the central station and arrive 10 minutes before the train departed. I tried to buy my train ticket with the SJ ticket machine and my Visa didn’t work. I tried a few times and gave up when it was only 5 minutes left. I called my brother but he didn’t answer the phone. I was running out of money on the phone so I tried to do my last phone call to Larissa and wondered if she could buy the ticket on the Internet. She answered the phone and it suddenly hang up. The train left and I went really mad.


I walk to OK Statoil to buy something to eat. I put my visa card into the ATM and it disappeared. I got a receipt and it stood “contact your bank ASAP!”. It’s Saturday, the  banks wont open until Monday! I’m so unlucky! I have nothing to eat at home and I cant go anywhere! All what I have is Internet.

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nobile_08_skimboardSwedish summer shouldn’t be like this. It has been 30 degrees in a week. This is horrible. I feel like I want to go for surfing but there is only one surf spot in Sweden, located somewhere on the  South West Coast.

The traditional surfing is almost impossible in Sweden but Skimboarding might work. Only if I can find a sand beach. Is there any in Svealand?



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