Weird Dream!

I had a really weird dream last night. I “woke up” in my dream and felt very lonely. I went to the kitchen and no one was there. When I was about to go to the living room, someone rang on the bell. Surprisingly, it was Davey Wavey. I don’t know what on the earth he was doing in my dream. But if was nice I really like Davey. I’m a big fan of him because he is really funny and quirky. I got to know that he could speak Swedish and he has been in Sweden when he was younger. He also knew someone who’s called Andrew, a guy that I don’t really like that much. I chatted with Davey in a couple of minutes and a brown, horrible tornado came into the town and swept away everything on its way. The tornado came nearer and it reached our balcony…. And then I woke up =/

Oh well, the Easter is finally over and I have to start working tomorrow. Now, it’s time for a sleep. By they way, check out the “Till The World Ends Remix” with Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha, below.


Ferrero Garden!

Raffaello Collection

Raffaello Collection

Hello Buddies,

Guess what? I’ve got my very first Ferrero Garden with Pistachio today! My collection is growing and growing. I’ve got hundreds of  pcs of the Raffaello Collection so it will last at least this whole year through. I know, many of you may think that they are everywhere and you can just buy it whenever you want to eat. But all  of the pcs I’ve got is gifts from my friends who really cares about me. Thank You!

Ferrero Garden

Ferrero Garden Pistachio

My Collection

My Collection

JJ Land Brown Jack&Jones

JJ Land Brown Jack&Jones

I found them, I found them! And I’ve finally bought them! I have been looking for these boots in many of Jack&Jones stores, but they were sold out everywhere. Even in Stockholm! Yesterday I went to the Jack&Jones in Eskilstuna and found a pair in size 40. I used to have size 40 or 41 but these were a bit too big. The salesman told me that size 40 is good for me. In addition he tried to explain that my feet will become bigger when I grow up. I smiled at him and asked how old he think I’m. He answered me – I guess you are lesser than 19, right? Poor salesman lifted one of his eyebrows and his cheeks became red like tomatoes. I started to laugh out loud and clapped on his shoulders. – I’m turning 25 this year, I said.

My weekend is almost over and I’m ready for another week of work. I’ve to prove and convince my manager that I’m really good in what I’m doing, or whatever I’m going to do! haha

By the way, some friends of mine bought me Macarons from France today. These cakes are a bit too sweet but nice to look at. It is also the first time I’ve eaten this kind of cake, or whatever it is. Too much sugar!


Macarons from Paris (Paul Maison de Qualitê Fondée en 1889)

Aw, how cute she is. My eyes were almost tearing when I first saw this video when Maria was chatting with Lady Gaga over the phone. Seeing that Lady Gaga talking to her so sweetly made me smile and touched me. Maria is such a lucky and happy girl.

– Do you want to ask me something darling?
– Where did you get your outfit?

I wonder if it is Maria’s mother who is filming her daughter with the phone in the background. Anyways, she looks funny. It will be cool to see Maria coming on stage singing Born This Way with Lady Gaga on March. Geez, I have been watching other videos of her and I starts to love her cover of Just The Way You Are.

Hold on, I just remember something. Where is Willow Smith? She must be really jealous right now. As I remember Willow also wanted to do a duet with Lady GaGa.

What a disappointment. I’ve been waiting for this official music video for weeks. There were teaser trailers of it everywhere, like it’s gonna be something really extra ordinary. I don’t really understand what this video is all about but what I’ve noticed is that she’s making lots of advertisement for Sony, her Perfume, Make Up For Ever and so on…

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me - Commercials

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me - Commercials

Sigh, I don’t why people is saying that she has spent weeks for rehearsing the choreography. It wasn’t good at all and Britney doesn’t look good in the video as she used to be. However, this song is still good. haha

My brother came home from Czech Republic the other day and brought me some gifts. The favorite one was a gift box, 15 x 15 x 15 cm, with Confetteria Raffaello! Confetteria Raffaello is a sweet manufactured by Italian company Ferrero SpA. It consists of an almond surrounded by a soft cream, wrapped in a coconut wafer shell and coated in coconut.

I didn’t know that he knows that I love Ferrero sweets. I have to admit and confirm that my brother is a stalker! He must have been listen to me and Stephanie when we are talking on Skype. I have told Stephanie to buy this confectionery at the TAXFree in weeks but she’s always busy. With a memory of a goldfish she used to forget it as well. Anyway, I’m still waiting for a few kilos of these from Stephanie. I hope she’ll find all kinds of colors because I haven’t try them all yet. Must be more than 6 different colors.

Geez, must admit that I’m addicted to chocolate, especially Ferrero sweets. Last night I ate some pieces of Raffaello in this gift box until I fell into sleep. In the morning when I woke up, my mouth was full of chocolate and coconut flakes, and the all the plastic bags were spread all over the floor.

Confetteria Raffaello Gift Box

Gift Box with Confetteria Raffaello from my brother


Raffaello Sweet

Miia Maria

Miia Maria

Just another wonderful child. Thanks to YouTube so many talented people has been found. Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres both tweeted the video about this Filipino/ Canadian child, Miia Maria (Aragon) , and brought me to her YouTube channel. At the first sight I thought it was my niece, Cindy.

Cindy Truong

Cindy Truong

You can only imagine what other celebrity has seen this girl singing “Born This Way”! She is amazing. Even Lady Gaga says that she cries every time she is watching this cover. The video has already been hit so many times on YouTube. She’s gonna be huge this little girl! Way to go and all the best!

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